Quick Beauty Mantra – Glowing Facial Pack


Here is the Home Remedy for the Glowing Facial Pack.


1 tbsp Fuller’s Earth


1 tbsp Honey


1 tbsp Smashed Papaya


Wash the face with water and apply the pack on the face and neck avoiding the eye area… After 20 mins rinse off.. you can wash it either by water or you can also wash and rub the face using ice cubes.

The pack will give you nice glowing and healthy skin, it will remove all excess oil, blemishes and impurities

New Launch: Este Lauder Pure Color Collection

The Pure Color Collection

The new vision in color for eyes, lips and nails, as seen through the eyes of Tom Pecheux, Creative Makeup Director. Transforming ordinary color and making it extraordinary.


Pure Color Eye shadow:


Eyeshadow that makes eyes come alive.

True Vision™ technology transforms ordinary color and makes it extraordinary.

Smoky shades are smouldering, bright shades are brilliant, light shades now light filled.

Your eyes are ultra expressive. Prepare to make an impression.

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Tutorial – Green-N-Golden Eye Makeup using Sigma’s FunColors Palette

Hi Frns,

Here is my first tutorial on Eye Makeup.. Hope all of you will like it and hope it will be useful for u..

The products which I have used:
1) Bourjois Brush Concealer
2) Sigma Eye shadow palette – Fun Colors
3) Mayebelline Gel Eye Liner – Black
4) Lotus Herbal Kajal
5) Mayebelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

Tools Used:
1) Sigma S239 brush from complete brush kit
2) Sigma S275 brush from complete brush kit


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Review – Revlon ColorStay Mineral Blush (Roseberry shade)

Okk… so here is my review on the Revlon’s mineral blush.. As I said in my earlier post I bought this blush from Inorbit mall.. The blush has hypnotized me and I couldn’t stop myself from buying it ya.. and after using it for week now I am happy that I got spellbound.. coz its wonderful blush..m blushing with this blush.. 🙂 


For me blush is that you can’t miss in everyday makeup.. for office also, obviously light and natural shade… so I keep on experimenting new blushes.. and I will say for this experiment I am happy.. I am quite satisfied with this product.. 

What Revlon has to say for Colorstay Minerl Blush (From Revlon Website):
ColorStay™ Mineral Blush & ColorStay™ Mineral Bronzer contain skin loving minerals that are good for your skin and ColorStay™ longwear technology that lasts for up to 16 hours. This innovative mineral baked powder technology applies easily and blends seamlessly for natural looking, sheer, soft radiant color that won’t streak or fade all day.
Formula is non-irritating and fragrance free.
Available in 3 Blush and 2 Bronzer shades

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Review – Lakme Cheek and Lip Tint

One day I was browsing Lakme’s website for the freshly launched “Bridal Sutra” collection. I got mesmerised with this product… TINT… for both Lip as well as Cheek… how that’s possible and how it will look…and again the shade of the tint is very very colourful and attractive…I just couldn’t stop myself and same day went to Shopper stop and bought this Tint for me..

29072010985 29072010986

This is what Lakme has to say for the Tint: (Courtesy: Lakme Website)
Just Kissed
Just Kissed Cheek and Lip Tint is a revolutionary, new product that adds a pop of color to your cheeks and lips giving a freshly flushed look.
The silky gel works into your skin and adapts to your complexion into the shade you blush naturally. Highlight your cheeks with a flush of color for that just-blushed look. Dab evenly on your lips for a berry-kissed look.
M.R.P. : Rs. 210/-

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What is your Skin Tone????

I have seen and even experience that newbie in makeup world always get confused on what shade of foundation, compact, blush, lippies to buy…which shade will look more natural on the skin… when I started I was facing the same problem and then I came to know that each one of us have some type of “skin tone” or “Undertone of skin” and based on skin tone we can select our shades…

So let’s see “how to know the skin tone”.

Mainly there are two skin tones:

Cool Skin tone: Colors that suits this tone are navy blue, dark green, plum, black, red, pink, magenta, or silver.

Warm Skin tone: Colors that suits this tone are light green, gold, mocha, peach, orange, or bronze

Okkk..so now let’s see how to know find that which skin tone you have:

WAY 1: Wash and clean ur face. Hold up a piece of white paper and look into the mirror. If your skin looks more yellow, your skin tone is warm. If your face looks bluish, then your skin tone is cool.

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Weekend Pick up – Revlon ColorStay Mineral Blush – Roseberry shade

Revlon has always been my favorite. I love their collection and the ranges of the color they provide. I am always satisfied with their products… exceptions are alwys there 🙂 will share it very soon..

So this weekend I was roaming in Inorbit mall and was browsing Revlon stuff in Shoppers Stop. And i couldnt stop my self from buying this wonderful blush:

Price: I bought this blush for 900 INR.

Review will follow very soon…