About Amee (crazyformakeup)

Hi Friends,

Welcome to my blog !!

And here starts journey of my bolgs on makeup, cosmetics, fashion, skin care, life style and many more. The reason to start this journey is to share my feelings and opnion with all of you and interact with you on different things.

My name is Amee and I am from Mumbai, India. I am in my mid 20 and I am addicted to makeup from my college days. I always buy and try new cosmetics.

A few months back I thought to share my makeup knowledge, products information with the beautiful girls across the world, and so here i am with my own blogging site. I also write on following websites:

1)      Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

2)      Review Stream

3)      Review Centre

4)      Makeupalley

My articles and reviews focuses on Asian women, which I think is a good thing as, more often than not, a lot of Asian women find that they can’t seem to find beauty products suitable for their olive skin.

I enjoy writing about beauty products, makeup, skincare, health, fashion. I do not work in the beauty and fashion industry; it’s just a great interest of mine.

All the reviews which I write are based on my own experience with the products, based on my skin type (Oily skin). I’m very much frank with my reviews and I always give honest reviews. As much as I can, if I’m paid to do a review, I will disclose the fact. Most of the products which I reviewed are self-purchased.

So if you have any query regarding any products or skin care, you can drop me a mail on:


If you want me to review any of your products/ product line, feel free to contact me on below mail id:


hope you will enjoy my blogs and it will be very useful for you to purchase any products.

Lots of Love,

Amee 🙂


The reviews which I write on my blog are my own views and come from my own usage, experiment and investigation. Individual views may vary. I do not endorse any product line or sell any products.
Thank you 🙂

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