Get to know AirBrush Makeup System and Traditional Makeup collection from Temptu : I am drooling :)

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I was surfing the world web for temporary tattoos and I came across this brand called Temptu. When I was surfing their site, I also saw that they offer cosmetics products also apart from body tattoos !!!!

I was freeze by the excitement when I saw their Air Brush Makeup system. which you can use to achieve flawless air brush look which is now days boom in market.. I also read many reviews on their website about this product, all says its superb.. so here is the detail about the Temptu AirBrush Makeup System:


About the Temptu AirBrush System:

Want to join the AIRbrush revolution but not sure which foundation, blush, and highlighter shades are for you? Just tell us your skin tone – we’ll take it from there, with a customized AIR pod™ Face Kit, color coordinated just for you.

Get flawless, long-lasting, professional results easily and quickly every day with System + Face Kit, containing a TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System plus 2 full-size AIR pod™ Foundations, 1 full-size AIR pod™ Blush, and 1 full-size AIR pod™ Highlighter. The blush and highlighter pods contain approximately 2 months of makeup, and the foundation pods contain 1 month of makeup each, work with all skin types, and are suitable for all skin tones. They’re dermatologist-approved, oil-free, and hypoallergenic — perfect for those with sensitive skin.

I liked the AirBrush Makeup system but for me more catchy collection is Temptu’s Traditional Makeup Collection. What to say man its superb,amazing, fabulous, beautiful…… and many more… What i liked the most in that collection is that the way the products has been made,you can carry it with you anywhere without any mess you can apply foundation,blush,powder in seconds of time.. you dnt need to carry any applicator with you. here are the images and details of the same:


Temptu Traditional Makeup collection contains:

  • RETOUCH Foundation
  • RETOUCH Blush
  • RETOUCH Highlighter
  • RETOUCH Powder

Retouch Foundation corrects, perfects, and minimizes… delivers long-lasting, natural-looking, true-to-tone results… for a flawless and radiant complexion.

Our built-in applicator brush is ideal for on-the-go, camera-ready “retouching”. It’s quick, precise, mess-free, and easy to carry.

Retouch Blush delivers a pre-measured dose of dewy, shimmery, naturally appealing tint to your cheeks. Our complexion-enhancing formula — a smooth, lightweight liquid – looks and feels light as air.

Achieve precise color placement with the easy-to-use, built-in brush applicator. Now you can have perfect control and vivid color at home or on the go.

Retouch Highlighter adds an instant and luxurious glow to both face and body. This shimmering formula glides on smoothly to enhance skin and impart natural-looking and long-lasting radiance.

The multi-purpose built-in brush applicator is easy to use and can be applied whenever and wherever you need a touch of luminosity.

Retouch Powder is a lightweight, mineral-based formula that banishes shine and provides natural-looking, satin-soft skin.

This powder’s silky texture blends easily onto the skin and is ideal for finishing any makeup application. The built-in brush applicator holds just enough loose powder in its handle for perfect touch-up application.

So gals, isn’t it tempting??!! it is for me big time… i am not able to move my eye from the whole RETOUCH collection.. i wann it.. i wann it… Temptu are you listening 🙂

You can see more details and shades about the products on following website:

Temptu’s Tempting website 🙂

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