Quick Beauty Mantra

While applying Powder Blush:

Swipe the brush only in one direction. Because if you will swipe in two or more direction, it will cause Streak and will not give you the Naturally Blushed Look.

Review of Bourjois Blush (Rose Coup De Foudre Shade)

I was very eager to buy this blush after seeing it on Bourjois website… the appearance and shades are very much attractive.. so finally last week  I went to my nearest Beauty shop to buy this…  its was very difficult task to select the shade as there 12 shades available for this blush and all of them are pretty.. so it took me 15 – 20 mins to select the shade, it was very much confusing I was stuck between 3 most fab looking shades and finally I choose 16 – Rose Coup De Foudre and here is the review.

About the Blush : The baked texture transforms when applied to the skin into a light ultra-fine pressed powder, which is easy to apply and blends impeccably. One stroke of the brush reveals the irresistible aroma of rose scented powder

The whole last week I was using this blush…and after using it for week I will say I have mixed feeling for this blush. Here are the list of shades which are available:

Image Courtesy: http://www.bourjois.co.uk/catalog/make_up/complexion/blush/blush

I have Rose Coup de Foudre 16 shade. Its rosy pink with the light shimmer..

Images of mine blush


 Blush on my hand

Ok so here is what I feel about the blush:

Color and Texture:

The blush is quite pigmented and looks as if your cheeks are naturally blushed…  :blush: ….. my shade is also having little shimmer in it.. the blushes are baked and so the texture of the powder blush is very fine and very soft and silky. It easily blends with the skin.

The blush is picked up easily with the slightest swipe of the brush and goes on velvety smooth, one or two swipes is enough and you will get good amount of blush on your cheek bones.

The only thing which I don’t like is that blush is loosely packed, so some powder drifts around the blush pan in the container which means unnecessary wasting of product..


I bought my blush for 550 INR ( 2.5 g Net WT 0.08 OZ) from the Beauty Shop. So as far as the price is concern it’s not so expensive and affordable if I compare it with other blush available in market.


The packaging is very cute and hypnotizing and its very compact that you can carry it with you anywhere, will not take much space. Each case is the color of the blush so you can easily find the color of your choice without needing to open it. The case comes with a decent sized mirrors and curve shaped Brush.There is no separate slot/compartment for its brush. The brush is very thin and not so user friendly, it’s little difficult to apply blush with that brush so I use my own brushes (I m using Sigma Makeup Brushes).


  • The staying power of the blush is quite good and stays up to 5-6 hrs.
  • The range of the shades is awesome and all the colors are very good.
  • The blush smells like ‘sweet-rose-scent’.

So all and all I will say its very good product and worth to buy and I m going to pick 2 more shades of it which are Rose D’or 34 and Rose frisson 54.

I will give (4/5):   


Preview of Sigma Makeup Brushes

Just before 2 days I received my first products from the Sigma company for reviewing…

So here are the preview of the products I received:

♥  Professional Brushes Complete Kit – Pink

♥  Beauty On the Go Kit – Fun Colors

♥  Individual Brushes – SS197, SS182, and two more (i dont remember the no now)

♥  Heart Shaped Mirror – Red

♥  Hollywood Glamour Retractable Kabuki – Pink ( I love this a lot)

Till now I was using the Vega’s Brushes as no other brand was available in the beauty shop in my town. I am using these brushes from last two days. i can say only one word “Super Soft”…

Here are the images:

The package which I received

Isn’t it beautiful???


 Detailed review for each item will come very soon…

P.S. : The products shown in this entry were sent by the PR/ Company for consideration.