What is your Skin Tone????

I have seen and even experience that newbie in makeup world always get confused on what shade of foundation, compact, blush, lippies to buy…which shade will look more natural on the skin… when I started I was facing the same problem and then I came to know that each one of us have some type of “skin tone” or “Undertone of skin” and based on skin tone we can select our shades…

So let’s see “how to know the skin tone”.

Mainly there are two skin tones:

Cool Skin tone: Colors that suits this tone are navy blue, dark green, plum, black, red, pink, magenta, or silver.

Warm Skin tone: Colors that suits this tone are light green, gold, mocha, peach, orange, or bronze

Okkk..so now let’s see how to know find that which skin tone you have:

WAY 1: Wash and clean ur face. Hold up a piece of white paper and look into the mirror. If your skin looks more yellow, your skin tone is warm. If your face looks bluish, then your skin tone is cool.

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