Tutorial – Green-N-Golden Eye Makeup using Sigma’s FunColors Palette

Hi Frns,

Here is my first tutorial on Eye Makeup.. Hope all of you will like it and hope it will be useful for u..

The products which I have used:
1) Bourjois Brush Concealer
2) Sigma Eye shadow palette – Fun Colors
3) Mayebelline Gel Eye Liner – Black
4) Lotus Herbal Kajal
5) Mayebelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

Tools Used:
1) Sigma S239 brush from complete brush kit
2) Sigma S275 brush from complete brush kit


My Nude Eye, without any makeup..


Step 1:

Conceal the Upper eye lids and dark circles using concealer. Dot some products on the eye area ant pat softly with ring finger. I am using Bourjois Concealer.

090820101160 090820101161 090820101158

Step 2:

Apply the “Lady Jane” (from Sigma Fun Colors Palette) all over the upper lid using the eye shadow brush, I am using Sigma’s “S239” brush.

090820101162 090820101163

090820101174 090820101164 090820101165

Step 3:

Apply highlighter on the brow bone area… I am wearing “Play With Fire” (from Sigma Fun Colors Palette) using slanted shadow brush I am using Sigma’s “S275” brush..

090820101175-1 090820101177 090820101178

Step 4:

Apply the eyeliner on upper eyelash… Maybelline’s Gel Eye liner in Black.

090820101180 090820101181 090820101184

Step 5:

Apply Kajal on waterline. Lotus Herbal Kajal.

090820101186 090820101185

Step 6:

(Optional) Apply the Mascara on lashes.. I am using Maybelline Colossal Volume Express

090820101187 090820101189

So here is the final look of eye…

PS: These pictures didn’t come out that well. In actual, the colours are brighter and highly pigmented. You can wear very light/nude lip color with this eye makeup.

WOW: I just forget to mention that the Sigma eye shadows and the brushes which I have used are excellent.. great products i must say.. i am writting review on the Sigma eye shadow will be able to post in day or two…

Lots of Love,

Amee 🙂

2 Responses

  1. Your eyes are so beautiful Amee…
    Thanks for the tutorial.. will try it.. but i dont have Sigma’s palette but I will try it with my other eye palette..
    thanks u sweetie for wonderful tut 🙂

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