My Nail Art 4

Hi Gals,

I am back with my new nail art… as i said earlier i going through ‘nail-art-fever’ and the medicine for this is more and more nail arts… 🙂 and so here is my one more nail art… my frequency of doing nail art is of one week.. after every week i change my nail art.. so this Sunday i did black-silver-golden nail art…

MyNailArt4 MyNailArt4 MyNailArt4 MyNailArt4 MyNailArt4 MyNailArt4 MyNailArt4

How you can achieve this: Apply base coat, apply black nail polish on the whole nail till the time its wet stick the silver glitter on the upper side of the nails. once both the polish and glitter gets dry draw golden line with golden nail polish. let it dry properly and then finally apply top coat to set it..n done 🙂

So gals, did you like my new black-silver-golden nail art???

Lots of love,

Amee 🙂

My Nail Art 3

Hi Gals,

Here comes my one more nail art for you all.. from past few days I am caught by “Nail Art Fever”.. 🙂 and the only medicine of this fever is ‘do-more-nail-art’ 🙂

260920101939 260920101940 260920101941 260920101943 260920101947

So Did you liked my nail art??? Kindly share you thoughts with me.. 🙂

Lots of Love,

Amee 🙂

My Nail Art 2

Hi Gals,

How are you all?? and how was the weekend??

On Sunday I only played with my nails.. I did 2 nail arts.. Here is my first Nail Art:

Apply the base coat:

stick the tape on the upper part of nail and apply pink color on remaining nail..

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