Looking for Mineral Blush : Try Beyu’s Mineral Blusher Powder!

Hi Gals,

So weekend is back… yepi .. I am njoying my day seating at home watching tv and doing nothing.. 🙂 so thought to share n blog… so here I am.. lets explore Beyu’s mineral blusher powder..


What Beyu has to say for Mineral Blusher Powder:


Shade : Total 3 shades are available in this blush. I have Shade no. 2 which is pink. there was peach shade also but I like this one the most and the 3rd shade was out of the stock so couldn’t swatch it 😦

Price: I bought this for 775 INR.

BeyuMineralBlusherPowder7 BeyuMineralBlusherPowder5

Above: without flash

Below: with flash BeyuMineralBlusherPowder6

My Experience with Beyu Mineral Blusher Powder:

What I liked about the blush:

  • All the Shades of this blusher are very pretty specially the one which I have bought. its pink shade which gives very soft pinky look to cheeks. the peach shade also very pretty.
  • I have many blushes but this one is different from all of them coz of the spongy puff applicator attached to it..
  • The integrated puff applicator is very spongy and soft. because of the applicator the application becomes very easy.
  • The packaging is very compact so you can carry it with you anywhere.
  • again you dont need to carry an extra blush brush coz of the applicator work superb.
  • the small cute jar comes with tiny mirror on the cap so you can use it while applying.
  • because of the spongy applicator dispense the evenly.. so it helps in even application of blush.
  • since its mineral blush, its not at all harmful for skin.
  • no breakout problem…
  • Compare to my other mineral blushes its cheap, i bought my Revlon’s mineral blush for 900 INR.

What I don’t liked about the Blush:

  • Everything is fine except the pigmentation. Its not highly pigmented, you will have to swipe 3-4 times then only the color will be visible on the cheeks..
  • Only 3 shades.. which is very limited. not everyone will be able to find their shade.

Conclusion: If you looking for mineral blush in cheap and if you are ok with 3 shades then this is best option coz it comes with the spongy applicator.

My Score for Beyu Mineral Blush (out of 5) :


Lots of love,

Amee 🙂

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