Preview of Coastal Scents Products!!!!

Hi Gals,

Very Good Morning 🙂

I am so happy as I received my products day before yesterday from Coastal Scents… wupi 🙂


They gave me an option to pick up the products which I would like to try. So here are the pics of the products and packaging.

MyCoastalScentsProducts2  MyCoastalScentsProducts3

They sent products in super thick box with the complete protection..



Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Eye Shadow Palette:

One single palette for 88 Shimmery eye shadows, one for all, contains almost all the shades,texture of the shadow is very silky

Price: $19.95


Coastal Scents Gel Eye liner:

creamy gel liner with lots of shades to select, I have picked up Indigo/Plum shade.

Price: $6.95


Coastal Scents Pink Kolinsky Lip Brush:

Cute pink lip brush with cap, soft bristles, very compact to carry, hygienic

Price: $3.49


Coastal Scents Destiny Precision Angled Liner Brush:

An angled eye liner brush with very fine and thin point which is very useful to create thin to wide line.

Price: $2.19


And dats it!!!!!

First Impression: When I opened the products and swatched them a bit I thought its amazing products now lets see how exactly its superb!!!!  Will review them very soon!!!

Lots of love,

Amee 🙂

P.S. :  Products shown in this articles  were sent from company for review.  I am not affiliated with the company and not paid for the review.  Review is purely based on my experience.

3 Responses

  1. Nice! I’m especially interested in how the gel liner performs,

  2. This is an awesome deal, the circled pigments were a bit smaller than I originally imagined but you get so much choice it is worth it. They work well with mixing medium and primer. The are very build-able and seemingly sheer with single layer application. Strong pigment and great for blending and making various tertiary colors.

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