Chess Board on my Nails!!!! : My Nail Art 11

Hey Gals,

Hope you all doing good!!!!

I am back with one more nail art… and here are the pics 🙂


How to do it:

  • Apply the base coat
  • Apply blue,green,yellow or white any of the nail paint of your choice
  • Draw the vertical and horizontal lines crossing each other using black eye liner.


  • Fill the alternate checks with black liner


  • Once the liner is completely dry apply top coat to fix it up…



  MyNailArt11_5 MyNailArt11_6

Warning : Let the eye liner dry completely and then only apply top coal or else the liner will get distort as you will see on my 3rd nail..

So gals, did you like my chess board 🙂 ???????

Lots of love,

Amee 🙂

5 Responses

  1. Great idea! Hm, eyeliner, I have a lot of those, I might need to try this one out! How long did you let it dry before applying topcoat?

  2. I recommend Lush Rub Rub Rub, it exfoliates really well, what I didn’t like was the packaing, but they’ve changed it and now I think it’s much better to use.

    I can’t talk about TBS Hair Butter because it was a sample which came with a magazine, so I only used it twice and then the bottle finished.

    • ohhh… so m thinking to buy Lush Rub Rub… n why i asked u for TBS hair butter coz m pissed of frm my hair ya.. its very very very dry… n i hate it a lot…

      • I don’t know what product recommend you for your hair…I have dry/damaged hair and I haven’t find the perfect hair mask for my hair…
        Well, but I can advise you not to buy Schwarskopf BC Repair Rescue. I bought it and it did nothing…

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