Blush your cheeks with super creamy Makeup Forever HD Blush

Gorgeous !!!!!!


  Hi Gals,

I am so excited for sharing review about this blush and so I couldn’t stopped my self and wrote Gorgeous before anything else.. After reading soooo many good reviews about this blush I just let my self free to shop this.. and straight I went to Makeup Forever Shop, Inorbit and bought one for self.. happy happy..

So Gals lets meet MUFE HD blush:


The HD Blush is a cream blush that naturally sculpts and highlights the cheeks for a healthy glow. Its matifying and light-reflecting pigments were specifically selected for a perfect application. Its unique second-skin texture blends seamlessly and guarantees a radiant complexion, while providing a completely natural finish.

Choose a shade below


Advice from MUFE:

For natural results, work the Blush in a circle using the 55N brush or in light strokes by patting the HD sponge.
To slim down the face, sculpt the Blush using the 25N brush and play with light and shadows by choosing a dark shade and a lighter one. For a more intense effect, use the HD sponge.

Pro tip: to lighten the colour, the Blush can also be mixed with the HD Foundation or the HD Elixir.

Here are the images of mine MUFE HD blush:

 MUFE-HDBlush2 MUFE-HDBlush3  Price : I bought mine for 1470 INR, from MUFE store, Inorbit Mall -  Malad


the MUFE HD blush comes in tiny plastic bottle with small pump

MUFE-HDBlush5  Mine shade no : #10

MUFE-HDBlush8   swatch on my NC41 Skin

MUFE-HDBlush7The color on my NC41 skin after blending it .

What I liked about this blush:

The texture of MUFE HD blush is super creamy and silky and is very easy to blend.. the blush is highly pigmented so you will need very small amount of blush to apply on both the cheeks. All the shades which i have tried in MUFE shop were without shimmer or shine and gives matte look. Since i have very oily skin,I was so sceptical to use cream blush but i thought to give try for cream blush with this HD blush and I am very satisfied with it,it does not leave my cheeks shiny or oily at all. Till now i have used it many times and no break out problem. The lasting power of the blush is also very good, it stays on my oily skin for 6-8 hours. The packaging is also very cute and compact that you can carry it with you anywhere.. the bottle has inbuilt pump which helps in getting blush out easily without mess.. The bottle will last me for year coz very small amount of products is more than enough for both the cheeks.. Its little expensive but the flawless look it gives is worth for this money..

What I don’t like about this blush:

There is nothing bad about the blush the only disappointing thing is the inbuilt pump. Very first time when I was using the blush, without any much care I gently pushed the pump only once and it dispensed lots of blush on my hand which I can use 5-6 times on both my cheeks which broke my heart as lots of product got wasted 😦 .. but as the days passed I got the hands on pump and now I know how to get right amount of product..

How to apply:

I faced difficulties for first 2-3 times while applying this blush coz I had never used any cream blush before and so was not aware how to apply the cream blush but now I am wearing it almost daily :). To apply the blush, pump a very small amount of product on hand, apply a small dot or two on cheeks and blend it outward.. you can blend the blush using fingers, brush or sponge also. Coz whn i tried the blush in MUFE store the MUA used sponge to apply the blush… the blush blends very nicely and gives natural look.


The MUFE HD blush is very pigmented and excellent especially when you know the trick of applying cream blush. And I definitely recommend this blush for all kinda skin.. I love this a lot but still will not buy more shades of it coz I feel its little expensive for me 🙂

My score for MUFE HD Blush (Out of 5):

      + 0.5

Lots of love,

Amee 🙂

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  1. Love the blush on you! Such a pretty shade 🙂

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