Review – Beyu Lip Gloss

Hey Gals,

One glossy review of Beyu lip gloss… I was supposed to attend one event and I planned to wear red sari of mine.. and I thought to wear red gloss with that red sari.. I don’t know what made me think like that… but m happy dat I got that thought in my mind coz I always prefer pink and nude color for my lippies I don’t know y but some how I was scared of bright colors… but I thought to try red color coz of my red sari.. so I went to buy one red lip gloss…was surfing on each counter for my red lip gloss.. and dis gloss attracted me more then any other red gloss…

What Beyu has to say about this gloss:

The above image i have taken from Beyu’s site.

Price: I bought my gloss for INR 650.

Here are the more pics of my Beyu Gloss

The applicator..

swatches on my hand…

Above: glossy lips without the flash…

Below: glossy lips with flash…

So here is what I feel about the Gloss…

What I liked:

  • The gloss gives super glossy effect to the lips.
  • Lasting power is also good. stays for 3-4 hrs.
  • The gloss is very much shimmery.
  • The brush Applicator is also very soft and supple..and quite big also.
  • I also liked the range of the shades… quite beautiful.
  • The gloss is quite pigmented.

What I don’t like:

  • The gloss smells very weirdo.. which i dont like at all
  • the gloss is very much sticky like a glue…
  • some times when I apply the gloss I feel random textures and not the lip gloss.
  • whenever I apply this gloss I open my mouth very less as I feel as if my lips are sealed with some gummy and gluey thing…

Conclusion: Not worth for the money at all… I paid 650 for dis sticky gloss.. 😦 will not recommend this product at all.

My Scores for Beyu Lip Gloss (Out of 5):

3 Responses

  1. amee u saved me from buying the gloss dear… this weekend anyways i am going for shopping and m planning to buy something from Beyu to try the brand.. now i wil not pick up the gloss..
    thanks sweetie.. god bless..

    • 🙂 ur welcome Jasmin…you can try the blush or any other lippie.. i am also planning to try something else from beyu…

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